Smart Highways

Smart Highway is an innovative concept for intelligent roads tomorrow. An innovative program that links a different way of seeing things with innovative ideas that apply the opportunities offered by new technologies intelligently.

Smart Highway is the fruit of an intense collaboration between the builder and developer and designer Daan Roosegaarde Heijmans. Sustainability issues, safety and perception are key to the concept and are manifested in the form of new technologies in the field of energy and light.

Innovation co-creation

Much has been written on smart roads since the eighties. However, until now the focus of innovation was in the car. Heijmans and Studio Roosegaarde address this problem on a large scale through innovation in the surface layer with designs as ‘ Glow-in-the-dark lining’, ‘Dynamic Paint’, ‘Interactive Light “and” Electric Priority Lane’. Together we want to make sustainable and interactive way through smart lighting means, harvest energy, and traffic signals that adapt to the situation of the road. The design and interaction of knowledge and expertise studies Roosegaarde and Heijmans, gets the best of both worlds. Although the differences between the two companies are important, share their most important goal: Dutch innovation landscape.

The importance of intelligent road

Successful companies are those companies who dare to look beyond the obstacles of today and are open to new developments. Actively seeking and taking advantage of opportunities for collaboration across the borders of their own sectors produce new solutions that better anticipate customer demands. The intent of Heijmans, this message is to inspire and invite their customers, partners, industry peers and other business relationships to think together about the mobility of tomorrow.

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