Dutch motorway shines like a jellyfish


At a stretch 500 meters from the road in the outskirts Oss – a city about an hour south of Amsterdam – no need for lamps to light the way. Designer Daan Roosegaarde partnered with Dutch builder Heijmans install photoluminescent paint. The painting is charged by sunlight during the day and then lights for eight hours at night.

“There is an incredible amount of hardware needed to have something intangible, which is the light. These giant lanterns and wire and cable maintenance. It always amazes me that, “Roosegaarde dijo a Reuters . “Why we can not just look at how deep jellyfish behave, deep underwater? They have their own light “.

The group tested several versions of this year before reaching a lasting supplying steady. Previously the road had reflectors on it, but those have been replaced with three lines of paint that glows green.

Roosegaarde team was cautious about getting into more details, Did not disclose a cost. Thus, while this looks very cool road, not expect a glowing road to get to a road near you.

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