Inersys Energy

INERSYS ENERGY is a company specialized in the development e implemetation of energy solutions in all kind of industrial processes that design and execute Photovoltaic energy projects with experience all over Europe.

Our goal is to optimize these processes, to improve business productivity and make them more competitive. INERSYS has agreements with major international companies on solutions and systems optimization of industrial processes and jointly develop new solutions to meet the needs of each client and their processes.

Solutions and systems that implements INERSYS members of international companies, prestigious, with wide experience and knowledge in industrial processes and in continuous reeingineering process, to improve the solutions and strong commitment to R & D to develop new systems.

Regarding the Photovoltic Plants, INERSYS ENERGY executes projects turn-key:

  • Feasibility study
  • Project
  • Construction
  • Funding
  • Administrative management
  • Maintenance

All solutions and systems adopted by INERSYS are backed with numerous installations and satisfied customers worldwide

Some of the solutions used: