Gestión de Aguas


Each sector has its own peculiarities. Even when we talk about water treatment and dosing technique. We know and we have adapted to it. To provide the best and most professional service, We have divided this management in two business areas focused on different sectors: Chemical Fluid Handling (CFH) y Water Treatment Solutions (WTS).

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In the business area of ​​Chemical Fluid Handling offer our customers much more than “simple” individual components of the assay technique. The offer includes the entire chain of processes that runs a liquid chemical agent in the facilities of our customers. Starting with the storage and transfer through the liquid chemicals metering point, dosing together by metering pumps and the associated measurement technique, control and sensor, until the time when the chemical gets to leave the client company in wastewater. At this point we provide, for example, wastewater quality under the provisions, partly with the help of a fully automatic station for waste water neutralization.

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En el área de negocio Water Treatment Solutions ofrecemos a nuestros clientes de los sectores de soluciones de procesos completas para el tratamiento de agua.

  • beverages
  • feeding
  • water supply
  • public pools

The core is the “Hygiene / Disinfection”.

We use all standard procedures for water treatment. The advantage for our clients: are guaranteed to obtain the optimal solution in terms of technology and price.



Instance: Tratamiento completo de agua en la piscina

For these purposes, besides the power range area Chemical Fluid Handling, the following product:

  • Systems for chlorine dioxide production
  • Chlorine electrolysis systems
  • UV systems
  • Ozone Production Systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems

The performance of service in the area Chemical Fluid Handling are completed

  • comprehensive advice on optimizing processes for water treatment
  • engineering issues and
  • installation and commissioning on site.

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