Absorption Refrigeration

In compression refrigeration systems,,es,a refrigerant,,es,In such systems the power consumption is limited to a recirculation pump between the absorber and generator,,es, un refrigerante, at low pressure and temperature, captures heat the water in the evaporator, cooling the water. Said coolant is heated after such heat exchange with the water and by a mechanical compression, is sent to the condenser at a high temperature and pressure, to start the cycle. This mechanical compression is done by electric compressors and pose a high energy cost.

In absorption systems of increased pressure and temperature of the cooling (water ammonia) is achieved by adding heat to the generator, where the refrigerant is mixed with another substance, absorbent (or lithium bromide water respectively). En dicho sistemas el consumo de energía eléctrica se limita a una bomba de recirculación entre el absorbedor y el generador.